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Matcha Energy Balls

What you put in your mouth can dictate so much about your health. And I know I know, YOLO. But that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your health or lifestyle choices. Eating healthy is not a one size fits all catch phrase. Eating healthy does not have to be bland or boring. Nor does it require complicated recipes or meals. In fact, oftentimes, the healthier the food, the more simple its recipe.

These Matcha Energy Balls are super simple to make and are absolutely delicious! Get your daily dose of L-theanine and omega-3 now!

Let thy food be thy medicine.


-1/2 cup pitted organic dates

-1 tsp chia seeds

-1 tsp ground flaxseeds

-1 cup coconut chips

-1 tsp matcha powder

-1/2 tsp ground cardamom

-pinch of salt


1. Soften the dates in a mixing bowl using your fingers (you can use a spoon)

2. Add in the chia sees, ground flaxseeds, coconut chips, matcha powder, cardamom, and salt.

3. Mix together and roll into 1-inch balls.

4. Appreciate feeling energized.

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