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"Look for the Good, and You'll Find It"

When life really seems like it's not going the way we want it to, or expected, it is quite easy to get caught up in a nebula of darkness and negative thinking. Every decision you make appears to be the wrong one. The effort you put in never seems to be enough. And now, you're stuck in your own frustrating, puzzling, agonizing thoughts that are not actually helping you in any way, and are instead exacerbating the situation. While things may not shift right away, while the light at the end of the tunnel seems far away, there is one thing you can do to bring back some joy, some happiness: look for the good. There is some good embedded each corner of the world, in each aspect of life. Maybe it's someone's smile. Maybe it's the beautiful sunset you see while you're stuck in traffic. Find the good, and it will make you feel {at least} a little better.

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