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Personalized Health & Wellness

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Holistic Health Care

My approach to health is holistic and preventative. I educate my patients on disease, risk factors, and treatments, and support my patients on their journey to reclaiming their own health. I help patients discover their body’s innate capacity to heal, using the wisdom of ancient practices of medicine in combination with modern-day science and technology. 

Personalized Wellness

The future of medicine is preventative and integrative. There may be a pill for every ill, and a drug for every bug. And yet, diseases are on the rise. Treating symptoms is no longer enough. In working together, we will dig deeper to find and treat the underlying cause of illness. After each consultation, you will receive a customized treatment plan to meet your individual health & wellness goal. It is all individuals' right to receive the healthcare they deserve.

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A Life Changing Journey

Health is achieved when the body and mind are balanced. My goal is to empower YOU on your wellness journey. That’s right, you no longer have to suffer alone! Together, we will find the root causes of illness and disease, and shift your life’s journey toward optimal wellness. That is when true healing will happen, with lasting effects and tools to maintain health and happiness. 

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~ Naturopathic Medicine Special on EBC R

Dr. Vira saved my life! She is kind and caring. Her work truly embodies the meaning of holistic. It isn't just a diet. She asked all about my life, my traumas, my health and mental state. Then she put together a program for me including diet, exercise and herbal medicine. I lost 20 pounds and I never felt better! My bloodwork improved tremendously. I check in with her regularly, so she can adjust my program as needed.

I highly recommend her!

-A. Lennon

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